What do we need to know about
managing termites ?

Managing Termites can be a difficult process. Childs Pest Services understand that termites are a concern for both home owners and owner builders alike.

We have obtained a supply of booklets from the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation which are designed for homeowners in an easy to read and understand format.
There are 2 versions.

One is designed for owner / builders or anyone considering building a new home. It covers topics such as:

  • "What type of Termite Management system do I need?"
  • "Inspection and maintenance responsibilities"
  • "Special Considerations for High Risk Building Site

The second booklet is designed for homeowners in general. It looks at:

  • "The types of termite barriers available"
  • "Questions and Answers about Inspections"
  • "Questions and Answers about the Maintenance of Termite Barriers.

As part of our commitment to provide you, our customer, with the highest level of service, ALL termite inspection reports and termite quotes that we carry out will be supplied with these booklets FREE OF CHARGE
(while stocks last).

If you are worried about termites on your property, then talk to us TODAY about what we can do to put your mind at rest.

Call Sandy or Glenn on 45777 910 for more information on how to obtain your copy of these great little booklets